Make Wind Pay er en lille hvidbog, jeg har skrevet som en indikation på de generelle forholdsregler, man må tage stilling til ved vurdering af beliggenheden for små og mellemstørrelse vindmøller. 

Du kan hente pdf-dokumentet her: MAKE WIND PAY hvidbog (på engelsk)

Hold dig ikke tilbage fra at bruge det og omdele det som du har lyst - det eneste, vi beder om er lidt omtale af vores virksomhed, hvis du vælger at bruge dokumentet.

Herunder er et udsnit af dokumentet:


2.2    Most common questions

For how long do I need to log wind?

It is strongly advised to log for a least a year.

How accurate needs to be my equipment?

Anemometers need to be at least 1% accurate and with a resolution of 0.1m/s. Class 1 anemometers will come with a traceable certificate confirming the accuracy of the anemometer and wind vane.

A small economic wind sensor tends to have a +/-5% accuracy, however these are often calibrated with +/-5% accuracy measurement equipment. To add to this, weather conditions vary ±20% from year to year.  

What do all these tolerances mean in terms of ROI? It means that if not using accurate equipment, energy calculations can easily deviate from 72% to a 132%. This is without taking into consideration the quality and sitting of the wind mast.

A wind turbine is a big investment and you should make a well informed decision. The same way a potential site can be overestimated on energy, it can be underestimated losing a potential site or customer.




Opto-electronic transformers and AC-generators have proved to be the most suitable transducers for its robustness.

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