WINDCRANE | GSM IoT Wind Data Logger with cloud storage

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Please check the lead times below at overview information

This product has a lead time of 2-4 weeks.

  • Overview

    WINDCRANE GSM & GPRS IoT enabled Datalogger used for live remote monitoring. Data is automatically sent every 10 minutes to the Logic Energy web portal, a fully automated and managed remote cloud application.
    Connect your sensors, power up the system and that is all you need to start getting data. Set up takes typically less than 3 min.


    • Fast data - GSM communications every 10 minutes
    • Set your own alert functions
    • Limit visits to site by monitoring battery, power supply, GSM and sensor status via remote web portal
    • Save time with the special quick Wind report function already installed on Logic Energy web portal
    • No software required on your computer to setup GSM data logger, just a web browser
    • Robust and long lasting due to very low power consumption and good quality manufacturing in the Scotland
    • Keep a track of your sites via Geo map location

    Every WINDCRANE GSM Wind data logger comes with

    • Internet GSM data logger & remote Logic Energy web portal access
    • Sim with 1 year contract included
    • AC Power supply
    • Free Shipping with this product

  • PLEASE NOTE: This product has a lead time of 7-14 working days. Please contact us for any questions. 


  • Features

    Software Features
    • Customisable dashboard
    • Charting, reporting & Site comparison tools 
    • Data export tools in CSV, XLS or un-processed or raw format
    • Geo Location map of all sites
    • Remote GSM signal strength indicator
    • Custom Alerts and logs function
    • Online con­figuration of sensors
    • Centralised data of all your systems & unlimited user access.
    • Public live dashboards and mobile access

    What will you remote monitor and log?
    • Temperature sensor
    • Humidity Sensor
    • Power and Energy
    • Voltage, Current & Energy
    • Pressure
    • Air Velocity
    • Light, CO2, Occupancy
    • And many more

  • Specifications
    Application: WINCRANE GSM 2G 3G Wind Data Logger is a fully integrated system within the crane
    Perfect for: Companies worried about weather claims and disputes over crane operations.
    Typically used: Tower cranes and Crawlers.
    Input Channels: Up to 2 crane anemometers simultaneously.
    Data sampling rate: 1Hz according to IEC61400.
    Data resolution: Better than 0.01mph, kph or m/s.
    Live data: Every 10 minutes with full Average, Max and Turbulence.
    Data storage: Unlimited storage, email alerts and historical data download.
    Data transfer: Automatic live Cloud updates using the GSM network.
    Power supply: Supplied 12Vdc or 24Vdc Din rail.
    Operating temperature: -20 to +70 °C.
    Enclosure: DIN rail mounted, 9 module size.
    Warranty: 3 years.

  • PLEASE NOTE: This product has a lead time. Please contact us for any questions. 


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